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The word "Samvid" means "Cognizer". Samvid is a term used in studies of the human mind, and refers to the ability of the mind to come to correct conclusions about what is true or real, and how to solve problems. It calls to those who ask questions and searches for truth, who desires more than the mainstream products, services, thoughts, and the typical way of living.This very Samvid, the self-luminous principle, when made as if it were different from itself by what has emerged (out of universal Samvid), is called ever renewing cognition, because of the reflection of the externally manifested external objects on it, due to its being extrovert.

Samvid Global provides Marketing Process Outsourcing and Sales Process Outsourcing services for its clients who have the capability of producing/ manufacturing high standard services/ products but has limited knowledge/ budgets to create and handle a separate in-house marketing or sales team.
We make processes uncomplicated. We conceptualize, develop, design unique process for each client. We design process to cut down on your business costs and to improve the efficacy of the marketing& sales process.
Our Marketing Process consist of analyzing marketing opportunities, researching and selecting target markets, designing marketing strategies, planning marketing programs, and organizing, implementing and controlling the marketing effort.Our Sales Process includes seller and buyer risk management, standardized customer interaction in sales, and scalable revenue generation. An advantage of approaching the subject of sales from a "process point of view" is that it offers the opportunity to use design and improvement tools from other disciplines and process-oriented industries. Our Selling Process is a research-proven, non-manipulative procedure that helps salespeople move the sale forward - naturally, by following the decision-making process of the buyer.Gain a competitive advantage in Business through our specialized unique and exceptional Marketing/Sales Process Outsourcing services.

Our Approach

Our Prime Goal

Our vision is to become the most valuable, marketing and sales outsourcing company with ethical, sound, robust and innovative business solutions.

Our vision is to become the most valuable, marketing and sales outsourcing company with ethical, sound, robust and innovative business solutions.

Our Expert and Experience Team

Samvid Global has a team of professionals with a blend of young and experienced individuals. The work place is a place of convergence of creative minds, giving birth to innovative solutions, tense with serious activities. It still has the vibrancy of being a place full of fun and frolic for its employees with varied recreational facilities.

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We are passionate

Passion is an important trait in our business, where competition is fierce and expectations for each individual’s performance are high. Passion is not a skill or trick. It comes from within and stems from doing something you are good at, when you set yourself goals to achieve, when you believe in something and are willing to give it your all.

Quality with Due Drop

We are all passionate about people’s experience at work, about delivering meaningful, rich, top-quality services, workshops and results for our clients.

Unlimited Support

Our help desk never closes. Whatever time zone your team happens to be working in, there is always someone to help via your choice of phone or email.

  • A 24/7 Help desk.
  • Calls that get answered.
  • Practical advice.

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